Sunsations Tanning & Spray Tanning
"SunSationable Packages, Prices & Membership"
~At "Sunsations", all of our tanning equipment is equal in quality and
performance.  We believe our customers always deserve the best in a
high level tanning unit that will actually get them great tanning results!

~Unlike other tanning salons that offer a cheaper price on only their low levels
of tanning equipment, "Sunsations" tanning units all rate at level 2 or above.

~Check out our "SunSationable" tanning packages & Memberships.  We guarantee a higher level of tanning at a low price.
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~SunSationable Packages & Memberships~


  Tanning Visits            Tanning Minutes            Unlimited Tanning
  Single Visit     $9.99              50 Minutes    $29.99                 1 Week Unl.     $21.99
  3 Visits          $24.99            100 Minutes   $49.99                  2 Week Unl.     $34.99
  5 Visits          $39.99            150 Minutes   $69.99                  1 Month Unl.    $59.99
10 Visits          $69.99            200 Minutes   $89.99     

​ VIP Membership  
Join our VIP Membership and receive 40% off any tanning package listed above, plus automatic upgrade to the new level 4 bed!!
(call or see in-store flyer for details)


*all tanning packages and prices are valid for
tanning levels 1-3.  to use our new level 4 bed
it is a $3 upgrade charge per tan
you can purchase an upgrade package
and receive more upgrades
for your money!
Level 3 Tanning Bed
Level 3 Stand-Up
Level 2 Tanning Bed
Our New Level 4 
Tanning Bed
-with turbo power lamps!-
Level 2 Stand-Up
Most Powerful Bronzing Lamp!
Now Available In Our Level 3 Stand-Up
Upgrades For The New Level 4 Bed
single upgrade                $3.00
6 upgrades                     $15.00
12 upgrades                   $24.00
Level 4 Tanning Bed
Level 1 Tanning Bed